Emotion Code & Massage Therapy Duo

~Energy Release and Physical Relaxation~

Leah Diffey, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, has teamed up with Licensed Massage Therapists, Shannon Koenig and Thea Nelson, to offer a special transformational experience.

Trapped Emotions will be released through Emotion Code Energy Healing then the body will be given a space to rest and reset with Massage Therapy.

Emotional Energy may become blocked or trapped for a variety of reasons resulting in emotional, behavioral, and physical issues such as muscle tightness, soreness, and limited range of motion. By removing these blocks, we clear stagnant energy and allow space for wellness to flow by restoring the body’s natural balance. For this collaboration, we will follow up Emotion Code sessions with Massage Therapy which will support the individual through relaxation, reduced muscle stress, and will allow the energetic body to gently reset.

  • Total investment for Emotion Code Healing and Massage Therapy: $95
  • You receive a 30 Minute Emotion Code Session followed by a 30 Minute massage.
  • Any Questions? Please contact leah@diffeyfarmacy.com

*Each Appointment is for a 30 Minute Emotion Code Session and a 30 Minute Massage*

More dates Coming Soon!

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