Herb Class

Some of my most vivid memories of my grandmother were her sharing knowledge of vitamins, plants, and whole foods for healing. She was passionate and held great conviction that God provided everything we need to feel well and healthy.

Once I became a mother, I became passionate about providing my family with plant medicines. Over the last decade, I have learned about the plants that grow around me and have found a renewed relationship with the Earth. I believe we live in a time that is calling us to reawaken the connections we have to nature. We must honor and respect the beautiful gifts it provides. I am happy to open these pathways for people and share some of the knowledge I have obtained over the years.

This herbal class will focus on tinctures which are herbal concentrates and one of my favorite ways to utilize herbal medicines. We will discuss what they are, why we use them, and how to make them. Find more information here: https://diffeyfarmacy.com/tinctures-salves/

Class attendees will leave with their very own handcrafted tincture! I will provide a variety of herbs and all supplies to make a small batch tincture including full directions for care and completion that will take place later at home.

Make sure to reserve your spot for this informative and fun class! There is limited space at the beautiful Gatherings at 601 (601 Georgia Street, Louisiana, MO 63353) on Saturday September 23rd at 1:00. The Class will be approximately two hours long.

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