Emotion Code Healing

“The positive transformation I have experienced through Emotion Code therapy has been a beautiful experience. As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP) it brings me joy to facilitate similar changes and healing in others. ” Leah Diffey, CECP

Releasing Trapped Emotions allows the body to flow in a more balanced and harmonious way. This holistic approach honors our divine design and removes the emotional baggage that can contribute to a variety of physical and mental discomforts.

The Emotion Code is a specialized type of emotional release therapy. This simple yet transformative healing method works by detecting negative emotions stored in the subconscious mind then releases the vibrational energy. The process is quick and effective and allows the body to flow with greater ease. My clients have reported feeling lighter, calmer, and less stressed. Physical discomforts such as tightness in the back and heaviness in the chest have also been relieved.

“Leah completed two Emotion Code sessions with me and completely cleared my heart wall. Watching her peel back the layers was a journey back in time, and clearing the emotions was a wonderful feeling. Leah and I could both feel when it was completely and forever cleared, it was a feeling of joy and lightness. Releasing my heart wall opened me up to deeper connections with my family and I have noticed a difference in interactions with people I meet when I am out and about. I highly recommend Leah as an Emotion Code practitioner. She is intuitive and caring, and I am excited to see the impact she is going to have on our world.”


What to expect in an appointment:

When we join together, I will connect to your energetic body and ask Yes or No questions. I use muscle testing to get the accurate response. We will find the specific emotions and approximate age they were trapped, then will release those energies. We can focus on the Heart Wall if requested and if the Subconscious mind agrees.

What NOT to expect:

Although emotions will surface and the conscious mind might remember specific moments, it is not necessary to relive and work through the past occurrences. Talking through the issue is not required and although nothing needs to be said, a minute or two of sharing is acceptable. I am not a licensed therapist, but I have a background in peer counseling which often leaves room for understanding and encouragement. The focus for a session is to release several negative energetic vibrations that are being held in your body.

Sessions for Children:

Children do not need to be present for sessions, but I recommend that the parent be available so that we can talk through the various emotions that come up. The negative energy can be released from the child no matter where they are, but I suggest that they be in a quiet or calm environment during the session.

Select the “Kid-Friendly” option when making an appointment for a 30 minute, one-child session. If a parent would like to have two children worked on in a full-length session (about 20 minutes per child), please note both names when making an appointment.

“I had my first session with Leah a couple of months ago and the results were immediate. Each session consists of releasing different trauma emotions set in my body from the past as early as birth! I had been interested in held body trauma and had done research on different modalities of healing stored pain in the body, but nothing has been as effective as this! Our sessions are remote and Leah sends me the session releases after she is done. The day of our sessions are always magical, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. From the start of our first session, my area of insecurity throughout my life has been shame. A people pleaser by nature, I made choices based on others’ judgements and opinions first, second guessing my own. It has caused terrible pain and shame from childhood into adulthood. I have made it my life mission to love myself, gain confidence and believe that I have worth and value in this world. It has been over 6 months from our first session, and I have since stopped having shame memories from the past. I used to have them and worked hard to release them myself. They were these little nagging memories of shame that I would have to talk myself through. They were not big memories, just petty things that children naturally do and feel shame from. They are gone! I don’t even have to try and talk myself away from them because they are released! Many of our sessions have shame emotions in them, all stored without knowledge in my body. I feel powerful, empowered, confident, and move through this world without any shame now! I believe in myself and use my voice without apology or hesitancy of others. I finally believe in myself!

Leah is now doing remote sessions on my children and I am seeing the results immediately for them too! My son is using his voice more also and is trying new things without feeling scared. There was lots of shame in his readings also and from his dad’s side from generations back! I am of course still doing readings and will continue because the effects are addictive and I feel stronger knowing I have this healing for myself to be my best for my family ❤️

Leah is a gift to this world and I am so grateful for all the healing she has provided for our family and will continue to in our future. Thank you, dear Leah. Your work is important and more people are waking up to the power of Emotion Code work!”


I look forward to working with you so that you may find a greater sense of peace and comfort in your life.

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